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Madi has been playing and taking piano lessons with Ms. Dacy since 2016. She is a big fan of the Addams Family and loves to play the theme song on the piano, and even dressed like Wednesday Addams for Halloween! She is currently learning the Ruth B. song "Lost Boy". Madi loves all kinds of music, especially the songs by Jake Speed and the Freddies! Music makes her feel calm and silly! Her parents love to listen to music with Madi, and Jake Speed and the Freddies are friends of theirs. They have been singing their songs to Madi since she was a baby! One day Madi hopes to play in their awesome folk band, and is excited about learning the ukelele next year in school! Madi is a sweet and cheerful girl, and loves to play with her baby brother every day. Madi has taken over as the piano teacher several times, and Ms. Dacy just loves her lessons! 

Check out Madi's favorite band here!